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Welcome to Apache Machine & Custom, LLC Where quality comes first

Welcome to Apache Machine & Custom, LLC Where Quality Comes First

About Us

Apache Machine & Custom, LLC was founded in 2007 by Steve Roe. As an avid competitive shooter and hunter, I expected a lot from my custom guns and in some cases I wanted something more....... more accuracy, more reliability, and more attention to detail. This drive for perfection started my journey.

In addition to two years of machine processes and CNC classes at a respected vocational college, I spent several years learning various gunsmithing and machining techniques from respected gunsmiths and master machinists. I have formed my own techniques and fabricated the majority of my own tooling and specialized fixtures in order to fulfill my drive for quality, reliable, accurate, and great looking rifles and single shot pistols.

In 2016, a new shop was designed and constructed exclusively for the purpose of building reliable and accurate rifles and pistols. Our facility is 100% climate controlled and features CCTV and monitored security, a machining/fabrication area, bedding and assembly area, secure and organized components storage, a professional coating room with updraft spray booth and commercial style ovens, and a 100-yard test range right outside our back door. Stop by sometime, I think you’ll be impressed.

The refinement of these techniques has turned into a discipline that is demanding but produces a top shelf product in the end. When you handle an Apache Machine & Custom product, you'll immediately notice the details; flawless stress-free bedding, correct sized silky smooth threads, precisely machined and fitted components, and beautiful metalwork finishes. You'll also notice the downrange performance in the field or on the range, whatever your game.

Precisely built firearms take time. I will not rush a build for any reason. I personally perform every step and every operation of each gun that proudly wears the "Fighting Man" logo. If it isn’t right, it doesn’t leave the shop.

I deeply respect and appreciate your decision to place your confidence and money in Apache Machine & Custom, LLC.


Precision Rifles & More

We offer custom rifle work on factory actions such as the Remington 700 and also perform builds on custom actions including Defiance, Surgeon, Stiller, Impact, Vudoo, and other actions. Several options are available including long-range precision hunting rifles, incredibly accurate smokeless muzzle loaders, precision crafted gas-guns on the AR and LR platforms, precision rimfire rifles, and also precision rifles specifically built for the demanding arena of long-range steel plate competition.

We offer a wide array of machining services including action truing, chambering with coolant-through-bore flush system, fluting, muzzle threading, and metal coating using Cerakote and KG products. Our Premium Pillar Bedding is often described as “impeccable” or “robotic” and considered by many to be some of the absolute best available anywhere. Additional services are available,and pricing supplied upon request.

McMillan fiberglass stocks, Krieger cut-rifled barrels, and Trigger Tech triggers are examples of the top-shelf components we regularly use. Please note that we do have restrictions on specific components. If it doesn’t meet our standards -we do not use it.


bolt action Pistols

This is where it all started back in 1986 when I bought my first XP-100. We’re handgun hunters, handgun competitors, and we know XP’s. Our drive for both extraordinary downrange performance and an equally stunning appearance from the Remington XP-100 platform has propelled Apache Machine & Custom to become America’s premier builder of long-range pistols.

Building a custom bolt action pistol is 90% the same as building precision rifles –but the ability to discern and execute on that unique and differentiating 10% is what makes Apache Machine pistols stand out from the others. Whether your game is smashing steel, eradicating vermin from the pasture, pursuing a trophy buck in the eastern woods, or maybe something a little larger like that elusive 6x6 bull, or a heavyweight Alaska Brown, we can transform your XP into satisfying and rewarding hand-held excitement.


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